Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beach in Cancun

This is another video of the beach in Cancun, as you noticed  it was a little bit cloudy but the temperature is good, around 26 C and lost of fun, many people on the beach  playing, tanning and really it is a great experience going to Mexico. As usual you will see people that makes braids, sells trips to different destinations and also will sell sunglasses, etc. Also you can do water skiing and many other activities depending on your budget. Personally I prefer just to lie down as a Iguana and get as much D vitamin I can get, as winters in my city are in subzero temperatures...

Cancun Today

This is a video of Cancun today and how the beaches have been maintained after the devastating Hurrican that took all Cancun Beach a few years ago.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cancun Safe

I have heard many people saying bad things about Mexico, in the news always they highlight the incidents occurred in Mexico, and mostly in Cancun. Seems like the media likes to show Mexico as a bad place to visit. But personally I love it! I never had a bad experience in Mexico. Never been a crime victim, and of course I am not looking for trouble as well. I strongly believe that if you keep yourself away from trouble, nothing would happen. 

What can happen in Cancun is be a victim of the corrupted police but only if you give the chance to the police to get you. I heard about people having issues with police while urinating on the streets, and saying negative things about Mexico and its police. If you urinate anywhere in the world you might have troubles with the police, they might stop you and issue you a ticket for example, in Cancun what can happen is that if you are caught in the act, police will ask you for money, and scare you and they will ask for a good amount of money. So do not violate the common rules. I know you are on vacation, and maybe you want to do things that you usually do not do in your country, well my recommendation is that respect the basic rules everywhere. Instead of paying tickets in dollars, you might have to feed the corruption in Cancun, so it is up to you.

About murder in Cancun, I have to say  that tourist destination receives 3 million of people per year, and occasionally 3 crimes involving murdering happens, three million visitors  and a few incidents. As international tourists visit Mexico, nationals do as well. Sometimes I have been witness of drunken people doing crazy stuff, getting into fights, looking for problems, so it is possible that those individuals will get into trouble. In Cancun, mostly you will be surrounded by foreigners, so keep an eye on them more than in the Nationals. As a note, Mexicans that travel to Cancun usually are people in a middle class to upper-class, people with good jobs as for Mexicans might be expensive to travel there, so do not worry also about them. As everywhere in the world be responsible and nothing will happen!

Avoid trafficking drugs, as well the use of them, buying them as people may offer to you. This can be just a way to make you face police and get into huge problems, drugs are not allowed in Mexico and the use and trafficking is a very punished crime. Be responsible and enjoy Cancun!

Btw, I found another link that shares the same opinions as I do and you can access to it  just CLICK HERE


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Great Parnassus Hotel Cancun

This is a Video I made with some of the pictures I took from the Great Parnassus hotel Cancun where I stayed in my recent trip to Cancun. It was an excellent hotel, the service was great, the staff is amazingly kind and the food is just excellent. The hotel is an all-inclusive experience, for the family. The hotel has 10 restaurants like Italian, French, Steak house, Mexican food, buffet all day, One restaurant Big Ben which is open 24 hours. The alcohol is also included but until 2 am. And the Bares are open in different hours, but always there is an open bar, before 2 am. The hotel has also a Karaoke Bar and a English type of bar as well which are open as well until 2 am, and there you can dance, play pool, drink and have a good time in case you are not thinking going out of the Hotel, either way,I am sure you will have a terrific experience!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mariachi on the bus

This is a video taken inside the first class Cancun bus where you can enjoy of an excellent Mariachi show live. The Mariachi singer jumped into the bus, brought his speaker, his MP3 player and start singing pretty good on the public transit in Cancun city. He really sings pretty good, and he stands showing his voice to the users of the bus. It was really cool. And it cost me $1 of tip. Cool for Mexico! and its Mariachi on the bus.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

annie, the beach waitress Cancun

Now it is time to talk about the star beach  waitress. Her name is Annie and she works at the Great Parnassus. She was extremely kind, and always ready to take your order for the drinks while you are lying down on the beach, and you do not wanna worry about line-ups. She was excellent host and I wanted to publish something for her. If you have the chance to go, you will know what I am talking about. Salud!!!

parachuting ride on Cancun

As every vacation destination, in Cancun you can find different activities. While you lay down on the beach, people come and try to sell expedition to "Isla Mujeres", Aquatic Skiing, Trips to Xel-Ha and Cenotes, as well "parachute ride" on the beach. The prices range from USD$30-80 but if you negociate the prices and wait for the good sale, you can get cheap trips. Be careful and do not get rip-off sales people in Mexico. A personal recommendation is being careful with everybody you deal money, mostly all the people that work there are trying to make good business from the tourist, always ask for your change back, negotiate prices and be careful as well when going to the clubs directly with the staff from the hotels as usually they will charge more, and you even have to pay for the taxi cab back and forth. This is the negative part of going to Cancun, so instead of taxi, take public transportation, which cost $8.50 mexican pesos, or USD$0.70 and to see more the real Mexico.  

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cancun Palapas

This is the  lower view of the Cancun beach... I mean lower view because I took this picture while I was getting suntanning... As you notice, in Cancun Palapas are ready to use and there are tons of chairs to grab, and be careful with the seagulls as they are ready to steal the food you bring from the all-inclusive experience. Personally I loved the fried calamari as snack, right before going to eat lunch-getting ready for dinner meal...And a Banana monkey drink :)

Cancun vacation

                                                                                  Two great pictures taken in Cancun on December 2010. Many people can argue about going to Mexico, but personally I still believe is a great destination to relax and enjoy vacation and great clubbing. The beach is so clean, hotels have waiters right on the beach ready to bring your drinks, just a great experience.

As a personal experience, I had great time tasting the different bartender specialties and as I enjoy refreshing drinks, I had something called "Ojo Rojo", a mix of Beer, Hot sauce and Clamato, really excellent to be refreshed laying down on the beach. 

cancun volleyball

This is a picture from the suite in a hotel in Cancun, taken to people playing beach volleyball. In Cancun, always you can do a lot of physical activity, I prefer to walk on the beach, but for those who enjoy of exercise during vacations, always there is animator teams that keep inviting tourist to do activities with them such as this one, or aerobics in the pool, dancing, etc. Great times!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hilton Hotel Cancun

This is the view from the Jacuzzi area of the Hotel Great Parnassus Cancun, where you can see the next beautiful hotel as well, the Hilton Hotel. In this area of the hotel Parnassus, there are two Jacuzzis and a pool  just for adults, and it has a Palapa Bar, where the bartender will prepare the best drinks! personally I like the Sexy Banana. For sure the best area for adults in the hotel.

Great Parnassus Hotel Cancun

These are pictures of the west wing of  the hotel Great Parnassus Cancun, which were taken on December 15th, 2010. The Cancun beach is so clean and has this white sand due to the coral and white shells from all over the place. I recommend to go to visit Cancun and do not worry about anything because the hotels are beautiful and the beach is great. Even in December you get nice sunny days and you can get tan without any compromise. The people in Cancun is nice, mostly the hotel workers and if you decide to go to the little city, get ready to be bother by street sellers of trips in the area, but you can get cheap food and buy nice sourvenirs. 

Cancun beach

This is the beach in Cancun taken on December 13th, 2010 at the Great Parnassus Hotel on the left side from the 8th floor. At this time, the Cancun beach is great, the beaches do not have stones, just sand. And specially this hotel has a great service in the beach area, as waitresses and entertainment team to bring the tourist to do activities as volleyball or play football, but personally, I prefer to enjoy the sunshine and relief my arthritis...