Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cancun Safe

I have heard many people saying bad things about Mexico, in the news always they highlight the incidents occurred in Mexico, and mostly in Cancun. Seems like the media likes to show Mexico as a bad place to visit. But personally I love it! I never had a bad experience in Mexico. Never been a crime victim, and of course I am not looking for trouble as well. I strongly believe that if you keep yourself away from trouble, nothing would happen. 

What can happen in Cancun is be a victim of the corrupted police but only if you give the chance to the police to get you. I heard about people having issues with police while urinating on the streets, and saying negative things about Mexico and its police. If you urinate anywhere in the world you might have troubles with the police, they might stop you and issue you a ticket for example, in Cancun what can happen is that if you are caught in the act, police will ask you for money, and scare you and they will ask for a good amount of money. So do not violate the common rules. I know you are on vacation, and maybe you want to do things that you usually do not do in your country, well my recommendation is that respect the basic rules everywhere. Instead of paying tickets in dollars, you might have to feed the corruption in Cancun, so it is up to you.

About murder in Cancun, I have to say  that tourist destination receives 3 million of people per year, and occasionally 3 crimes involving murdering happens, three million visitors  and a few incidents. As international tourists visit Mexico, nationals do as well. Sometimes I have been witness of drunken people doing crazy stuff, getting into fights, looking for problems, so it is possible that those individuals will get into trouble. In Cancun, mostly you will be surrounded by foreigners, so keep an eye on them more than in the Nationals. As a note, Mexicans that travel to Cancun usually are people in a middle class to upper-class, people with good jobs as for Mexicans might be expensive to travel there, so do not worry also about them. As everywhere in the world be responsible and nothing will happen!

Avoid trafficking drugs, as well the use of them, buying them as people may offer to you. This can be just a way to make you face police and get into huge problems, drugs are not allowed in Mexico and the use and trafficking is a very punished crime. Be responsible and enjoy Cancun!

Btw, I found another link that shares the same opinions as I do and you can access to it  just CLICK HERE


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